Amazing kitchen extension ideas for your home

Do you think you can do more with your kitchen? It happens. What may have been the perfect room to live in a few years ago might not be as ideal as it once was. Perhaps the kids have grown up and things are starting to feel a bit cramped? Perhaps you want to count your blessings and arrange more gatherings once COVID-19 has cleared off?

A kitchen extension is a lot to undertake and requires a lot of thought and consideration before it can be given the green light, but there are many reasons as to why one may be applicable for you. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we thought we would put some of these kitchen extension ideas to our loyal customer base, so you can consider if any of these options could enhance the look of your kitchen forevermore!

Adapting your kitchen office

Let’s be honest, at this point many of us are tired from working from home, or at the very least, working in the communal area of our kitchen. With a makeshift desk on our kitchen table or above our kitchen units in plain view of the whole family, or distractions from important business calls by the sound of the tumble dryer or cutlery clattering on plates. Not ideal, is it?

With it likely that we will be working from home for a little longer yet, is it time to adapt your kitchen space accordingly? Perhaps you can look to build your new desk into a wall that can be knocked down, opening up your space for a more secure option for the future. This will allow you to have a constant work desk, without having to pack up if you want to eat food with the family.

Ready to socialise?

If you are planning on hosting many more gatherings once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, then you might want to put the groundwork in now, so you can optimise your space when the time comes. Perhaps you can look to make your kitchen open plan, extending to the living space so you can feel in touch with the people in your home at all times.

This means you can bring all of your friends over for a good knees up, without limiting your capacity due to a downstairs area of closed off, cramped rooms.

Add some unique lighting

In keeping with the social theme, or just to jazz up the look of a tired kitchen, some new lighting might be the trick. Skylights are a great way of ensuring that natural daylight seeps through the ceiling to ensure that your kitchen area is bright and spacious, especially during the summer months.

Some hanging lights above your kitchen doors might also be a great alternative for those dark, winter nights if you have a high ceiling. With these lights, you have somewhat of a blank canvas, and are afforded the opportunity to go as safe or as wild as you like!

Get in touch with Kitchen Warehouse

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