How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

It’s no secret that a brand new, high-end kitchen can be one of the priciest purchases you will make for your home. It is also worth mentioning that a great kitchen will be one of the main selling points if you eventually decide to put your house on the market. However, what if you can blend a luxury look with an affordable cost? Let’s discuss how to make your kitchen look more expensive. 

The fact we are spending more time at home right now is also a great incentive to make some home improvements. Worry not, it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune to create a big budget look. Small updates can help bring your kitchen to life, making it a place you want to spend your time in. A kitchen is a practical space, full of day to day essentials but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

If you dream of your “Insta perfect”  kitchen then you aren’t alone. Our kitchen’s are the heart of our homes, so it is easy to understand why so many people want to create a gorgeous kitchen to be proud of. A place to gather, spend time with family and socialising with friends. 

We have put together some great ways you can update your kitchen, giving it a more high-end luxurious look (without breaking the bank)!


Kitchen cabinets that look expensive

kitchen cabinets that look expensive

Cabinetry is the most obvious design element that can make your kitchen stand out for all the right reasons. Style and fashion trends change over the years so the doors can become dated quicker than you would like to think. Replacing only your kitchen doors is a simple and cost effective solution and by choosing a classic design, will keep it timeless and sleek. Replacing just your kitchen cabinet doors is the  perfect option if your current carcasses are in a good condition, but you fancy a change. It is the most cost effective way to quickly brighten, freshen and modernise the space. Replacing only what you need to, will save you time, save you money and is better for the environment too. It will effectively look like you have a brand new kitchen but for a fraction of the cost.

We have a range of excellent quality kitchen doors available to purchase online. 

Our range is versatile and broad, making sure you can find the cabinets to suit your style and budget. The process is straightforward and we deliver your order straight to your door. 

Alternatively, if your existing doors  are solid and in great condition, then painting or vinyl wrapping your cabinet doors is another way in which you can give your kitchen a mini-makeover. 

Whether you decide to make it a DIY project or pay a professional is up to you! But remember the devil is in the detail – so think carefully about what you wish to take on yourself, and what parts may best be left to the experts. 

Luckily all of our kitchens come with step by step instructions for installations, and you can even watch our “how to videos” to help you along the way. 


Creating space and flow in kitchen design

new year, new kitchen

If (like us), you love browsing through kitchen design magazines, or have a perfectly curated Pinterest board of dream kitchens, you’ll note that the best kitchens all have one thing in common – they have plenty of clean open spaces. 

And it’s not about size. Even the smallest kitchen can look expensive if it allows for space and flow. This means making sure that work surfaces are clear, there’s plenty of storage – so that it doesn’t look cluttered, and that you can easily move from one space in your kitchen to another. 

So how can you create space when you may be – well, running out of it? It’s about using clever tactics to get as much out of your kitchen as possible. Think clever kitchen storage solutions, adding units at higher levels to enable you to put away those pesky items such as large pots and pans. The ultimate aim is to leave worksurfaces and floor space completely free of clutter and barriers. 

Before planning a kitchen makeover, carefully consider the layout of your kitchen, and make plans which make the most of the space available. 


Update your existing kitchen cabinets with new handles

Amazingly, just a change of handle can give your kitchen a new look, and make it look more luxurious. Indeed you can even make a substantive change to the feel of the kitchen with minor changes. Adding modern, t-bar style handles to your cabinets can make your kitchen feel bang up to date. 

Whereas a traditional round handle can bring a touch of old fashioned elegance to your kitchen units

Choosing good quality hardware will give you a real quality finish. This element can easily be overlooked but updating your hardware with some unique and modern handles is an absolute must. Attention to detail is key and spending a little extra of these will give you the optimum finish.


Kitchen worktops that look luxurious

kitchen island

Updating your work tops will give your kitchen an instant “facelift”. Choosing to use natural materials like marble or granite will give your kitchen the designer edge but these do come at a cost. There are some more affordable alternatives on the market including composite and solid surfaces which are far more budget-friendly. These options are available in a huge range of different colours and styles to suit your design and provide a higher end finish than the laminate alternatives.

When choosing a kitchen worktop is to ensure that you choose a material which matches with your lifestyle. For example, if choosing a real wood worktop it may need careful looking after, so consider if you are happy to undertake regular maintenance. 

If you have an island, consider choosing a work surface that compliments rather than exactly matches the rest of your kitchen worktops. Mixed materials are currently in vogue and provide an opportunity to make a focal point out of your kitchen island.

However, the ultimate aim when it comes to work surfaces is to ensure that they are as clean and clear as possible – no matter which material you choose.  

Sinks and taps that make your kitchen look high end

expensive looking kitchen sink

There are a range of gorgeous sinks to choose from including stainless steel, porcelain and composite. Each has their pros and cons, but choosing a hard wearing and equally attractive sink is an important aspect of your kitchen design. A stone or copper sink might be a little pricier than a normal one, but it could be the only thing you’ll need to make your entire kitchen look more expensive. Consider choosing a copper sink and matching it with an array of authentic copper pans on an overhead hanging shelf. 

Another important design element is the humble kitchen tap. Gone are the days where stainless steel is your only option! We love seeing the use of different materials available to choose from. A beautiful tap isn’t always a cheap option but consider it a design feature as well as a functional requirement. Matching the material of your hardware and taps will give your kitchen the designer edge.


Kitchen lighting design

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Never underestimate the importance of great lighting in the right places. Well placed light fittings have  obvious benefits from a practical perspective, but lighting is definitely more than that. The overall mood and atmosphere of a room can be drastically impacted by some well designed, well-positioned lights.

Whether you include lighting under the cabinets, along your kickboards, ceiling spotlights, or a beautiful pendant feature, all of these will help you achieve that designer finish. 

There are some really quirky lights available that can really help create drama and accentuate your other design features.

Best Freestanding kitchen furniture 

Incorporating a piece of freestanding furniture can give your kitchen an individual and bespoke feel. Ensuring the colour is complementary to your kitchen colour scheme will ensure it blends in seamlessly, giving a focal point of interest. Options can include dressers, islands or breakfast bars. 

Whether your style is country chic or edgy industrial, freestanding furniture can work well in your space with some imagination.


Kitchen appliances that look expensive 


Matching and modern appliances can make your kitchen look stylish and polished. If you are thinking about purchasing new appliances, plan ahead and try to buy the same brand to ensure colours are an exact match. Co ordinated appliances can often be bought ex display from showrooms which could help you save money too. Considering a modern ceramic or an induction hob will also give a seamless, clean finish. They are often more efficient and far easier to clean too. What more could you ask for?


If your budget doesn’t stretch to cover the cost of brand new appliances, you could consider a way to integrate appliances for an elegant and more streamlined look. Purchasing additional cupboard doors to hide away mismatch equipment is a great way to keep things streamlined and uniform. If it isn’t pretty, hide it!


Kitchen flooring to upgrade your look


New flooring can give the room a great new lease of life. Flooring choices are endless but a clean, durable and well finished floor will give the room a great base to work from. It is worth investing in a good quality floor covering because it needs to withstand the daily traffic, spills and stains. 


Tiles can provide the ultimate “expensive look” but if you are watching your budget, there are a great range of tile effect vinyls on offer which can create a similar effect but at a fraction of the cost. 


So whether you prefer tile, wood, laminate or vinyl, there is not right or wrong, but clever choices can give you clean lines, practicality but with a designer edge.

Update your kitchen walls

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If your paint work is looking tired, consider painting the walls to freshen and finish the look. Choosing a colour to compliment your cabinetry would be ideal, ensuring the colour palette works together to create a considered and cohesive look.

Remember to take into account work surfaces and the amount of natural light the room gets. If you decide on a neutral wall colour, you can always bring in accents of brighter colours with some great wall art or funky kitchen accessories. Don’t be afraid to add your personality and make the room part of your home’s current colour schemes.

Additionally, adding splashbacks in accent colours can give your kitchen a real lift, providing an entirely new aesthetic without too much work. If you have a white kitchen, choosing glass splashbacks in bright colours and matching with your accessories or soft furnishings if the room is open plan can bring a sense of boldness to the space, but without being too daring. 


Finishing touches

Carefully consider your finishing touches to add the final wow factor! Some eye catching, high quality accessories can lift your decor in the same manner your accessories can elevate a simple outfit. A statement light fixture, eye catching tiling, beautifully placed plants and carefully considered shelving are the perfect finish to a job well done. 

Simple metro tiles can be an affordable option but when laid in interesting patterns (such as herringbone or chevrons), it can give you a beautiful bespoke look. You could also consider using some luxurious materials such as marble to create an eye catching splash back and focal point.

Kitchen renovations can seem a little daunting but tackling small projects at a time makes the task feel more achievable. We recommend you plan your design beforehand and you can easily create a kitchen to be truly proud of. Your kitchen really doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look a million dollars!

If you’d like any further information about the Kitchen Warehouse and out products, feel free to get in touch. Whether you’re interested in purchasing whole kitchen units, brand new replacement kitchen doors or high-quality accessories, we are here to help! Simply contact us on 01765 640 000 or email us via 


We’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and assist you with anything that you might need.

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