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Soon I’ll be moving alone into a small apartment in my parent’s land. The kitchen of the apartment is almost finished but its still missing a countertop/sink/cooktop.

Due to the relatively small size of the kitchen, I found myself not sure about the size of the sink, and the placement of the cooktop. I don’t have much experience in the kitchen, so figured it will be a good idea to get advice from more experienced folk.

Here’s a picture of the kitchen and here’s my poor attempt at drawing the current plan.

  • My question is about the sink size – should I go for a standard size at roughly 60 cm, or should I opt for a smaller sink at roughly 40-45 cm, to increase the size of the main workspace? With a smaller sink, the main workspace will be about 60 cm, and with a bigger one, it will be around 50 cm.

  • Another consideration is the cooktop – in my current plan it is located at the rightmost edge of the cabinets to maximize the main workspace, but should I maybe center it above the rightmost cabinet for aesthetics + for making a usable workspace to the right of it (but reducing the main one size’)?

Worth noting that my kitchen will probably not be used for big/complex meals, as I’m not really into cooking currently, but I do plan on using it to cook some basic stuff and maybe get into cooking more in the future.


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