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Getting the best kitchen design for any kitchen takes an experienced designer and several design appointments. Getting the best kitchen for a really tough space often takes even more. Two kitchens presently under way by our designers Lauren Sciarra and Chris Rossetti explain how another set of experienced eyes can make all the difference between a very good kitchen and a great one.

One of Laurens recent Kitchens

Both of these kitchens began with a phone call to Main Line Kitchen Design and a conversation with our owner Paul Mcalary. Each homeowner explained that they felt they had a difficult space and weren’t completely happy with the designs other companies had come up with. Because real estate sales photos of both homes were available online, Paul quickly found major design improvements. Chris’s customer was even able to supply the new design they were considering. After Paul explained the design possibilities, the homeowners were excited about the better designs.


In Lauren’s kitchen, the home layout was so challenging that Paul decided to measure the home himself and to work up a preliminary design moving walls and doorways before Lauren Zoomed with the customer. In Chris’s kitchen, Paul drew out and explained the design improvements he had come up with looking over the photos and plans, and sent a drawing to Chris to continue working on. In both cases, the designs the customers ended up purchasing were not only far better than anything they had considered before but were even better than the changes originally proposed by Paul!

Senior Designer Lauren Sciarra

Both Lauren and Chris reworked the space beyond what anyone had previously considered. Lauren’s design changes both improved the home layout and saved money. Chris rethought the space and by removing a wall created an open kitchen with an attractive island.

Downingtown Pa Kitchen
Brighton Kitchen Designed by Chris Rossetti

Experienced kitchen designers know that there are an infinite number of ways to design any kitchen but only a few truly inspired designs. Inexperienced designers, home owners, contractors, or architects don’t have the decades of kitchen design experience needed to see the forest through the trees, and arrive at these inspired designs. Even the best designs can be improved. And sometimes as in these two cases, two heads are better than one. And, the result is something that transforms the value of a home and creates a kitchen that everyone stands back and admires.

Hoping to transform your kitchen and of course . . .

Bon Appetit!

Photos of the two kitchens discussed will be available soon. Links will appear below as they become available:

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